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Scott Spiderman Mulholland - Mentor

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland was four or five years old when he saw the breakup of his family due to the ravages of alcohol. Both parents drank heavily and, as is too often the case, their marriage was a casualty of the excess. Though it meant the end of frequent verbal and physical altercations between his parents, Scott was heartbroken at the separation and desperately missed his mother when it was decided that he’d live with his dad.

Later, at the age of twelve, having been told his dad had been committed to an insane asylum, Scott, six brothers and two sisters were all split up, most being placed in foster homes. Before he was officially emancipated at the age of sixteen, Scott was tossed around to twelve different foster and receiving homes, was sent to the Youth Center six times and was eventually institutionalized.

Emancipation at the age of sixteen only meant that he could call his own shots and live by the consequences of his own decisions. Those decisions led him to Skid Row for two years where he learned to hustle to survive. Scott was able to get a job as a window cleaner around the time he was emancipated but “life in the fast lane” had him hurdling out of control. More dangerous than the high-rise buildings he scaled for his job, the route from cigarettes, alcohol and weed quickly led him on a perilous journey to LSD, speed and cocaine. Drugs and alcohol offered a familiar escape, albeit a deceptive one.

God has a way of bringing people to a place in their lives where they’ll recognize their need for Him. Scott’s wake-up call came when he was twenty years old and a car he was riding in was hit by an 18 wheeler semi-truck going 60 m.p.h.. He miraculously escaped instant death, however, a young woman, also involved in the accident, died in his arms. It was in the midst of this chaotic wreckage that an audible voice spoke to the Scott, warning him that this was his last chance.
Seeking deliverance, the he began visiting various churches. His search for a church with the power present to set him free was fruitless until, six months later, he walked into a United Pentecostal Church. He received the Holy Ghost, spoke in tongues according to Acts 2:38 and was instantly delivered from the habits and addictions that had him bound for so many years. In obedience to the Word of God, he was baptized in the name of Jesus and never looked back. More than three decades later, Scott can say, without hesitation, that he has led an amazing and victorious life.

Today, he uses thirty-five years’ worth of experience in living for God to counsel, minister and teach Bible studies. His goal is to reach out to people who need help or guidance in their walk with God, whether they’re a brand new Christian or someone who’s lived for God for many years but finds themselves struggling. If you’re in need of spiritual help, Scott can help.

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