Bio: Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland

Who is Spiderman Mulholland?

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland is a successful author, entrepreneur, construction consultant, and longtime leader in the international business community. Currently the Founder and CEO at US Building Consultants, Mulholland puts his extensive building envelope science knowledge, experience, and expertise to work helping companies manage and prevent water intrusion issues while protecting their most important investments.

An entrepreneur and business leader for more than 35 years, Mulholland has grossed over $40 million during his career – a testament to his strong work ethic, considerable business savvy, and commitment to delivering the highest-quality solutions and results to every client.

In addition to his leadership role at US Building Consultants, Spiderman Mulholland serves as the Chairman at US Building Laboratories (since 2003) and as member of the Board of Directors at the Building Envelope Science Institute (since 2009).


Spiderman Mulholland’s path to entrepreneurial and business success began decades ago, during a childhood marked by significant hardships that included the early breakup of his family, extensive stints in foster homes and harrowing struggles with substance abuse.

Military Service

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland first joined the United States Marine Corps in 1979, just prior to his junior year of high school. During his time as an enlisted Marine, Mulholland not only enjoyed the opportunity to serve his country, he also completed his final two years of high school in just one year’s time, receiving his high school diploma from the Los Angeles Adult Community college.

It wasn’t long after becoming a U.S. Marine that Spiderman Mulholland joined the Marine Corps Sniper School. Mulholland served as Sniper School instructor and graduated as officer of the Provost Marshall in the Philippines in 1980.

Mulholland began a 25-year career in construction, restoration, and waterproofing shortly after leaving the Marines.

What does Spiderman Do?

As leader and forensic expert at US Building Consultants, Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland utilizes his unique insight and experience to help businesses navigate the challenges of water intrusion, water damage, and building restoration.

A state-certified general contractor who has completed more than 4000 comprehensive investigations during his career, Mulholland inspects, diagnoses, and develops the repair solutions to solve each client’s most complicated building issues, particularly those centered on the damage, deterioration, and mold issues commonly resulting from extensive water damage.

With a strong background in waterproofing, restoration, and moisture engineering, Spiderman Mulholland has earned a reputation for developing robust, effective solutions that enable successful recovery from significant water intrusion events. Mulholland’s track record for delivering results-driven solutions that support successful outcomes has solidified his spot at the top of the field.

How did Spiderman get his name?

Scott Mulholland first earned the “Spiderman” moniker as the owner of a window cleaning business in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he used his training and experience as a U.S. Marine to scale large buildings to complete his everyday window washing tasks.

Years later, as the owner and founder of a successful waterproofing and inspection service, Mulholland would employ many of the same “Spiderman” scaling and rappelling techniques to inspect buildings and provide detailed, customized solutions to commercial clients.
Mulholland liked the moniker so much that he legally changed his name to Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland in 1987.

Was Spiderman a top Sniper?

Spiderman Mulholland was one of the top snipers of his Marine Corps Sniper School class, graduating 4th among all students in 1980.

Does Spiderman have a new book out?

Spiderman Mulholland has not released a new book since his 2017 smash hit “Jump: Now You Will Have No Excuse,” a captivating rags-to-riches story detailing Mulholland’s inspirational journey from malcontent and troubled youth to successful business owner, entrepreneur, and leading construction industry consultant.

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