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Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland is a forensic expert who has completed over 4000 investigations in his 35 year career. His experience to stop water intrusion and protect people's investments has been his life's passion for his entire career. When homes or buildings leak, they can cause serious mold, deterioration and often times, expensive litigation. Spiderman has excelled in these areas due to his unique background and experience in the waterproofing/restoration industry.

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland as a state certified general contractor spent over twenty years tearing apart and putting back together between 250 - 300 residential commercial and high rise buildings a year. This gave him a unique insight to why buildings leak, how to restore them and prevent future water intrusion issues. Many people and companies battle mold, deterioration and damage from water intrusion.

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland has gained a reputation developing solutions to those challenges and specializes in moisture engineering, systems and controls. His experience with protecting homes and buildings from poor indoor air quality standpoint surpasses most experts in the field. 

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland is unrelenting in his pursuit to solve people's problems, especially as it relates to water intrusion and damage to homes and buildings. As a building scientist, Mulholland has a unique expertise to inspect, diagnose and develop a scope of repairs to solve the most complicated building envelope issues.

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Helping others should come naturally as an extension of every business leader’s responsibilities. Unfortunately, leaders often get too caught up in their own operations and problems to give people the help they need. I’ve realized that most of my best clients, partners and relationships have come from me helping someone. My mission is to continue to impact people's lives through training, consulting, and mentoring. I am driven by timeless principles and perspectives towards the pursuit of life goals in business, leadership, and spiritual growth.

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